Technology is changing the way we do everything and it is not stopping any time soon. The future of jobs depends on coding. Coding is today’s language of creativity; your child deserves to become a creator and not a consumer of technology.

Coding empowers your child to be creative and improve their school performance. It empowers your child to develop problem solving skills and become a designer of solution.

At Edtrack, we have two classes for coding;

  • 1

    Block programming
  • 2

    Web development

By the end of the program, your child will be able to:

  • 1

    Develop Games
  • 2

    Tell stories with animation
  • 3

    Develop functioning website
  • 4

    Develop functioning website
  • 5

    Program with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT

The class will hold live online coordinated by an experienced tutor. Classes are hands-on and project based.

It is fun to learn coding at Edtrack, your child will definitely love it.

Other Courses

Reading is fun and children love it when they read interesting stories and share with others. This is exactly what the club will do aside building their reading habits.

Design is a powerful tool to express creativity, empathy and communication. As we advance into the future of technology, design is becoming increasingly indispensable.

The world is waiting for your child’s story. Give them the opportunity to become young authors and share their stories with the World.